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Job Descriptions

All job descriptions listed below are meant only to help those thinking about assuming a board or chairperson position have a better understanding as to what the would mean.  All board members and committee chairpersons should do their very best to attend as many board and association meetings as possible.  This will help ensure there are enough members to conduct business and the more people the more voices that are heard.  Each newly elected officer is also eligible for a free one day official training through the PTA during the summer.

First Vice President / First Vice President.doc

Second Vice President / Second Vice President.doc

Secretary / Secretary.doc

Treasurer / Treasurer.doc

Teacher Appreciation Chairperson / Teacher Appreciation

Ice Cream Sales Chairperson / Ice Cream Sales Chairperson.doc

Auditor / Auditor.doc

Historian / Historian.doc

Parliamentarian / Parliamentarian